About Headadvisory

Headadvisory is one of the few professional consulting firms dedicated to strategy development for civil society and third sector organisations.

We are a consultancy committed to delivering improved organisational and personal performance by focusing on people orientated strategies, coaching and training.

We passionately believe that the third sector should approach strategy design and delivery with the same rigour and discipline as private sector organisations. We combine tools, processes and best practice methodologies from some of the best strategic management consultancies in the world with deep insight and practical experience from working in the third sector.

We were founded in 2013 by Jonah Grunsell, an exceptionally experienced management consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach. He has over 17 years experience working with central government departments, a range of delivery agencies, global private sector companies and a wide variety of high profile third sector organisations in the UK and globally. He previously held senior roles with Accenture, KPMG and A.T. Kearney and has been a trustee of 4 charities. He is currently Chair of the national charity Action for M.E. leveraging his experience and expertise to help fight against injustice and ignorance for people affected by a disease that affects over 250,000 in the UK alone.

The company combines teams of individuals with both extensive business experience and fundraising content expertise recruited directly from the sector. All consultants are expected to demonstrate a commitment for the sector through volunteering and trusteeships and give up their time for mentoring, coaching and skills transfer. Headadvisory each year supports several charities directly and donates annually a minimum of 10% of its profits back to charitable causes.