An organisation’s success is delivered through its people

The performance of an individual is shaped by the environment they work in and a strategy that effectively harnesses people, processes and systems.

More and more civil society organisations are expanding into new products, services and markets. For tangible growth and development you need to identify, shape and deliver sustainable opportunities and solutions based on professional and private sector best practice along with a sensivity and passion for social change. Our strategic consultancy solutions are designed with a single purpose in mind – to help you create a high performance, collaborative and innovative environment where people can deliver real positive change.

What sets us apart is that we shape strategies that are designed to be delivered and not gather dust on the shelf. Our teams come with experience of not just working within civil society and a wide range of third sector organisations but also working with the world’s best strategic and management consultancies to practically deliver transformational change programmes that realise results.

Whether it’s developing a new strategy to meet an emerging need or refining an existing strategy to address a changing world we have the approach to drive real, sustainable and tangible change.

"“Your excellent and professional work in the restructuring of RBM will be noted as a significant historical milestone in the journey towards eliminating malaria.“"

Rear Adm (ret) R. Timothy Ziemer, White House Senior Director of Global Health Security