Staff developement is the most critical driver of change

We have provided expert training programmes for a wide range of organisations in the areas of leadership, strategy and change as well as bespoke courses based on specific requirements.
Our courses include:


  • Leadership styles
  • Effective leadership
  • Leadership in practice


  • Strategic analysis
  • Strategy design
  • Strategic delivery


  • Change management theory and practice
  • Leading change
  • Managing change

We also offer bespoke training courses based on your specific needs and requirements, get in touch to find out more.

Whether it is a specific skill you wish your workforce to be trained in or a course you wish to be tailored to your specific needs and requirements we have the depth and breadth of experience, a track record success and the flexibility required to help you get the best from your important resource – your people.

"They have a unique combination of being able to recognise and truly buy into the fact that change requires more than just strategy and theorising, but an attention to people and the organisation being fully involved in the programme so that they can really own it."

Leah Mates, Head of Fundraising Planning and Performance, British Heart Foundation & 2017 IoF Fundraiser of the Year